Mannequin Love: Part 1

by A Clever Con

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released October 16, 2012

A Clever Con is:
Mike Dietz - Vocals/Guitar/Percussion
Ryan Marsa - Guitar/Vocals/Synth
Tommie Riccio - Bass/Upright
TJ "Smash" Horner - Drums

Produced by Ryan Marsa and A Clever Con
Executive Producers: A Clever Con, George Dietz, and Salvatore Fogu

Recorded and Mixed at Architekt Studios in Butler, NJ
Mixed and Engineered by Mike Ferretti
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY

Percussion &Upright Bass Recorded at RCM Studios, by Pontis H.W. Gunve

Additional Percussion by Owen Fitzgerald
Keyboards by Marc Trachtenberg

Photography and Artwork by Meagan N. Plichta,
Model: Tricia D

All Music and Lyrics by Michael Dietz and Ryan Marsa
All Arrangements by A Clever Con

Publicity by Mike Farley of Michael J. Media,

Management by Matt Kelly of Bulletproof Management, LLC

(c) 2012 A Clever Con



all rights reserved


A Clever Con Monroe Township, New Jersey

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Track Name: Thesis

A world enchanted in plastic dreams,
Is impaired

The gods, the brands...
The plague on Man, of vanity,
Is here…
Track Name: Mexico

Corruption conducts a monster illusion (with no remorse)
The sound and the sights are one and a million
Powder is worth more when you murder the innocent
why won’t you believe

Run for your life right now
Don’t get caught, your family needs you
Razor blade fences
Don’t stop now, it’s the fog that saves you

Highlighted dates, a countdown for freedom (I’m not surprised)
Invasion ensues, a moral confusion
With one last try let’s fight for salvation
We own ourselves why can’t we be free

Travel far and wide to say it
We are the ones! We are the ones!
Don’t look back for now. Where will you be?
We are the war! We are the war!

A crisis calls for all to see the pain
We are the ones! We are the ones!
Read between the lines and say it
We are the war! We are the war!
Track Name: I Am Spartacus

We've been fighting for years, just to try to break away
A labor, a love, a terminal trade
A battleground on a gaffed and shallow stage

Here on the breaking point of the media front-line
With bleeding ears and bloodshot eyes
In fear of the scene you market and advertise.

Did you get what you wanted?
Take what you needed?
Did you kill who wanted?
Break who you needed?
Did you steal what you wanted?
Use who you needed?
Did you capture the profit?

You waste,
Everything for tomorrow
You take,
Oil with your power
You fake,
All the terror and sorrow
You make,
Puppets for your power

An illusion to hide the truth, save face, and lead the way
For fear, for faith a modern Crusade
A tyranny, as liberties fade away

Spilling onto the streets as our deaths are justified
With broken homes and battered lives,
a hired gun to force the stocks to rise

… and it’s all a game
Track Name: Twentysomething Blues

Passing out the lies so we feel better
We need another light to dissolve
The signs and symbols are so frequent
Without a single star in the sky

Poison the minds of men and let it fester
We need another reason to starve ourselves
It’s hard enough to shake this
Without a single reason to rise

We are, we are
A product of,
Inanimate constraints
We’re bound, we’re broke
The value of,
The debt which we’re enslaved

I guess I’m better off alone
A wake for the life that was
Pretension turned the prodigy
Into the prodigal son

I guess it’s better off this way
Than burden the one’s I’d love
And introduce them to
Twentysomething Blues

Self-destructive pangs work for so long
With apathetic motives to fall back on,
In temporary comfort
Until the day that we realize,

There was a time the future promised
A fate that we could make and afford
A dream that weighed among the tragic
But now it’s just a dream to survive

We are, we are
The peons now,
The Apices’ enthralled
If this is how
We’ll spend our lives
Why bother growing old at all?

I guess I’m better off alone
Then waste all the time and cost
It gets better, then!? I bet it’s when,
The world becomes undone

I guess it’s better off this way
Than revive the life I lost
And fail back into
Twentysomething Blues

Is it us? Will we be,
Society’s Great Mistake?
What should have I become?

We will see Suiciety
Cut and Run. Hang and Bleed.
What would have I become?

What will you say?
What will you do?
Society’s grave in greed.
What could have I become?
Track Name: SonLore

Can I bother you,
For a moment of your time?
You’re rolling on the thoughts of my mind

It’s ringing from the tops
Of the highest of pillars
But I can’t seem to catch it tonight

I’m waiting for the rights
The rights to this melody
A tune where you call out my name

May the best of my attempts
Ensue my ability
To acquire attention from you

And I worry
At times my pride is used
At times my pride...

Can I promise you
For the rest of your life
I’ll be standing here right by your side?

I’m feeling opaque
That my odds are much better
Than anyone else here who tries

I’m dreading the sight
Of the tritonal kiss I’ll see
The clash that will end hope in vain

But for now, deep inside,
It’s kept fueling my energy
To aspire a convention with you

And I worry
At times my pride is used
At times my pride...

Hear these cries
That you should know
How I feel
Deal these ties that I make mine
Of how I feel... how I feel

For better or worse,
I’ll never curse
Your name
Track Name: Skydivers and Tongue Biters

At twenty, twenty-four hours ago
You leaped off the earth, and left us here waiting
We didn’t know it, but we need you right now
So come back to town stop messing around

With tremors and high-lows, I’ll bite my tongue
For a chance to feel more conscious
Wake up the world with genetic nonsense

Lab rats,
with wires, foaming
Strobing lights
Seize the morning lights

We’re so alike.
We need lots of help, you and I
Caught my breath
As you caught your death in the hospital bed

With comas and concepts
You did your best
Tagged the world with questions for it
Offset yourself to not surrender

Lab rats,
With wires, foaming
Strobing lights
Seize the morning lights

When will we hide the pain?
Pick me up for that new solution
At last, the splinter’s deep
Go back to sleep
Please pick me up for that new solution
Track Name: Katy Perry Sex Tape

Why do you want to leave me when the moon shines?
We’ll paint a picture it will last all night.
Well okay baby you just drive me crazy
You’ll have to teach me how read those eyes

A love so deep I never felt so...
You’re my Kryptonite
A whirlwind kicked up all the beauty on this Earth
And placed it on my back porch

I need your love
So lay with me

Another drink now to console me
And finish this off
Another hit now to corrode me
And shatter this block

'Cause I can’t do this on my own
The words are trapped beneath my soul
And underneath my love
I need your love

Come on baby, maybe, give me a sign
Won’t you wink me a hint, or shoot me a line
If looks could kill, you’d be pent up for life
For the crimes of your lips, your hips, and your eyes

Your touch to me seems tender
Like heaven on my skin
So let’s not waste, I want to taste your appetite
Feel you quiver and breathe in

What do,
What do you say?
Is it a curse to be loved hard this way?